0xminer Error text: Exception -32603 : INTERNAL_ERROR: : basic auth failure

Hi, I am using a 0x miner on a 0x type coin,

the token miner https://github.com/mining-visualizer/MVis-tokenminer/releases latest version and 2.1.17 that used to work

I get the error

d3 14:25:37.166> Connecting to https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/521xxxxxx
d3 14:25:39.296> An error occurred communicating with your node. Please check your host/port settings.
d3 14:25:39.337> Error text: Exception -32603 : INTERNAL_ERROR: : basic auth failure

the set up is


It seems the /v3/ is new, this used to work fine for me before the /v3/ etc July ish 2018 changes???

I think the error might be a red herring. Please try with port 443 as we no longer support port 8545 on our API. It was deprecated earlier this year. Let me know if youre still getting the same error in which case please try to enable additional debug logging and post the details.