403 Error for eth.get_balance() - Archive request

I’m getting an error when attempting to call eth.get_balance() with an old block number.

id = ‘0xe288a00df4b697606078876788e4d64633cd2e01’
blockNum = 12518016
w3.eth.get_balance(id, block_identifier=blockNum)

I understand prior to June 1 that archive data was not supported by Free Tier, but was wondering why this is not working now. Running the request gives

requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 403 Client Error: Forbidden for url:

Hi :wave: @Travis_Carpenter, and welcome to the Infura community!

We suspect your errors might not be Archive data add-on related, could you let me know if you are still seeing the same behavior?

If that is the case, I would encourage you to open a ticket Contact Us | Infura with us so we can take a closer look into your Infura account. When opening a ticket, please share with us your project id used for the example above,

Please do not share your project id information on public forums.