Access Infura via RESTful API

I know that Infura proivides a JSON RPC API. How about a REST API? I found some comments on google that it exists, is this still true? Is there a documentation available for it? I could only find this links, which seems to be dead:
Many thanks in advance and best regards,

Hi there. We had a REST-like API for the past couple of years but due to low adoption, re-focused our efforts on non-proprietary API implementations. We wanted to make sure our service remained interoperable with your own node. Instead of REST, we focused our efforts on improving the standard specifications via for a GraphQL api for Ethereum.

While we don’t yet support this API on our public endpoints, the spec is already available via go-ethereum, and parity if you would like to try it out. More details on our GraphQL API work will be coming in the future.