Accessing Teku endpoints on eth2?


curl --user $SECRET

Results in ‘404 page not found’

Looking at the documentation, I cant see anything obviously wrong. I can access other endpoints fine.
Any ideas?

Hi @Iain_Maclean, and welcome to the Infura community!

It looks like you might be missing your Project ID as the username. I would try adding that in :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding!
I did supply project ID/Secret in the environment variable (the name is misleading). For example:

I run a standard call to get block headers and you can see the response.
I run a teku endpoint, and I get 404 page not found. I’ve triple checked that i’ve copied the end point from the documentation…

Hi @Iain_Maclean, this is our fault, sorry. The /teku/* routes are incorrectly in our documentation, we do not actually support them currently.

We do however support the standard method for getting SSZ state, /eth/v1/debug/beacon/states/:state_id. Will that work for your purposes?