Altair sync committee APIs

Infura’s Eth2 API was recently updated with endpoints to support the Altair hard fork.

However there are several /v1/ APIs required for Altair which don’t seem to be exposed yet:

  • GET /eth/v1/validator/sync_committee_contribution
  • POST /eth/v1/validator/sync_committee_subscriptions
  • POST /eth/v1/validator/contribution_and_proofs

These new /v1/ APIs do seem to be present:

  • GET /eth/v1/beacon/states/{state_id}/sync_committees
  • POST /eth/v1/beacon/pool/sync_committees
  • GET /eth/v1/validator/duties/sync/{epoch}

A full list of APIs added in v2.0.0 of the API is here:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Working on it right now.

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These methods will be supported starting on Tuesday.

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