Api limits notification for particular key

Hello. I want to clarify the next case:
I have 1 million global limits and going to create 4 keys with 250,000 limits (each)
Will I receive a notification if only 1 of these keys will reach limits?

Assume the next state:
key1 = 1,000 requests
key2 = 2,000 requests
key3 = 245,000 requests
key4 = 3,000 requests

Globally, I’ve used only 250,000/1,000,000 requests. But one of my keys almost reached.
Will I receive an email about it?

Hello @Anatolii_Kurotych , the rate limiting is per account not per key, so you will receive notifications when your total daily requests, across all keys, reach 75%, 85%, and 100% of the allowed limit.

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Thank you for your response.
Is there any feature like a notification for a particular key?

I’ve matched each service to each API key.
So, I’d like to have a key-based notification system

Hey @Anatolii_Kurotych you are welcome.

At the moment there isn’t such a feature. But you could get a rough idea about how many requests have been made with each key on a daily basis from your stats page, please see the below:

We will be redesigning our stats page but at the moment there’s no clear ETA on it. Will pass on your suggestions to our team and see how this goes, not promising anything though.