Augur (V1) app disconnects continuously

Hi. I need to use the old Augur V1 app to close out a few old markets. I would like to connect to the Ethereum blockchain using Infura, but I am having problems. I set the Augur app is connect to Infura by my websocket (https gives the same results), but the following happens:

  1. I successfully connect to Ethereum, and then quickly process about 0.15% of their markets.
  2. After this, the app disconnects, reconnects, and repeats continuously.

I am using the free tier, with Infura, but I have not gone over the limits. Could you let me know know if Infura is compatible with the Augur V1 app? And if perhaps I need to upgrade to access this feature? I would be happy to upgrade if this is guaranteed to work.

Thanks for the help.

Hi @mark.a.wieczorek, and welcome to the Infura community!

Infura should work with Augur, and it sounds like as long as it’s successfully connecting to Ethereum, it’s connecting to some degree. Can you please send over the error messages you’re getting?