Batch importing lots of data into Infura IPFS beta service?

Hi, I am wanting to perform a one off batch import of about 25,000 IPFS hashes, approx 250gb into the new IPFS beta service to test it out and migrate to it.

Every time I do this I hit 429 Too many request issues even after sleeping for a second between requests - is there a good way to get 25,0000 pins up without hitting this limit and it not taking many many days and due to rate limiting?

Many thanks


I have tried via normal HTTP APi and ipfs http JS api and also through the bulk import tool you guys have provided.

All of them eventually hit Too Many Requests

2021/07/02 12:20:56 [ERROR] Failed pinning CID ‘’. pin/add: Too Many Requests

Any ideas on a solution to this would be great.


Hi @jamesmorgan, have you tried iterating through the hashes in smaller chunks? That may be the best way to get everything imported. It will take a bit of time, but it should at least work!