Best practice for obtaining prefunded test accounts

For the purpose of executing e2e tests, spanning both web apis and contracts on goerli, am looking for a streamlined, quick, and programmatic method of obtaining accounts on Goerli with pre-loaded funds (Goeth). I’ve so-far relied on a single, manually-managed account, funded via (this too, manually, via browser). This method is natually unsustainable, can only be topped-up with paltry amounts every 24hrs or-so, and takes forever. What do sensible people do instead?
Many thanks :+1:

Hi @flowers45,

perhaps the best way is to use ganache, a locally running simulation of the eth blockchain. Then move to the public goerli testnet when you are ready for final tests. Accounts come with 100Eth by default.

See: Ganache - Truffle Suite

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Chris | Infura | ConsenSys


Just to clarify: my goal is not to perform any blockchain simulations. I just want a prefunded account on Goerli. When you write ‘move to the public goerli testnet’ - what does that entail? Are you saying simulated ganache accounts will somehow be available on Goerli?

The only way to fund an account on a testnet is to use a faucet. This can be a hassle sometimes.

My suggestion was aimed at what I believed to be your ultimate goal - have an environment for testing your dapp. Ganache can be very useful there.

Ganache has features you might find useful.