Call Filecoin.StateListMessages pending

Hi. I’m practice to filecoin api

I want to get messages list for account. so I use Filecoin.StateListMessages method.

but this method response 500 status. (and long pending)

my post body is below.

“id”: 0,
“jsonrpc”: “2.0”,
“method”: “Filecoin.StateListMessages”,
“params”: [
{ “To”: null, “From”: “f1fd33xu4doovu5izdlafvqpja7lupalzb23slgcq” }, [], null

wrong params error response is good work. and lotus cli(localnet) is also no problem.

plz help me.

Hi @DevTalk,

Unfortunately this method is currently limited by our inability to serve archive state (please see here).

You are not providing a tipset or a stop height, which I believe results in trying to query the entire history of the chain.

Providing a smaller window will help you to get a response (but of course may unfortunately miss older messages).

Alright… I’ll find another way.

Thanks a lot!!