Calls over 10 000 per hr even with API off

Over the last few days I’m getting rate limited badly. Even now that all API’s are disconnected, I’m still showing >10 000 calls per hour for the last 2 hrs. My code calls an aggregator which effectively calls many other distributed exchanges, hence each call is possibly 10x than it seems. Still, I can’t imagine that my bot is doing >1 000 000 “method calls” per day.

Thanks for reaching out and we definitely are interested in looking closer at this with you. Can you DM the account email address so we can dig into things more?

Hi Michael, I’m assuming this is the DM mode?

Another question that can help our testing: What time does Infura reset the rate limiting for the specific period. E.g. we guess that we are currently being rate limited and will continue testing with our amended code (making far fewer API calls per hour)

The limits are based on a 24 hour daily period that resets at midnight UTC.

Got it, thanks! Can you explain why my account is registering 2039-2040 calls per hr during this time that we are completely disconnected from the API.

The only thing I can think of is that your Project ID has been compromised and is in use elsewhere. What you could try is to delete that project from the dashboard and create a new one for use by your API going forward. We don’t log source IP of inbound requests so we aren’t able to help identify the source of it.