Can I events.createFilter on wss:// It always times out

If I trt to create filter for my contract using websocket server, all works fine.
With mainnet.infura my request to createFilter just hangs and eventually times out.
I guess my question is - can I create filter using websocket?
Thank you


We have filter support on mainnet as well as ropsten. I have used wscat to test out filters on mainnet and also created a quick web3js sample. I can confirm that filters are working. As you can see from the screen capture I am getting the logs (all the way at the bottom that’s been cut off) (I didn’t know if you wanted to keep the contract and logs hidden so I purposely left it out of the screen capture but I used the address that was in the other thread Does or does not Infura support websocket? I'm confused - Questions - Infura Community)

OK, that works for me, yay! :slight_smile:
Btw, check out what i coded - it’s called a cryptodice2 (utilising . :slight_smile:

Let me know what your thoughts are.

Thanks! :slight_smile: