Can I get Filecoin Miner Wallet Transaction Data via this Filecoin API?

I’m wanting to put in a wallet address and get a digest of messages back. I can filter the types myself and parse. Is this possible with the API currently? Thank you for your help!

@Dante_Cullari , not sure there is something like that available on Infura Filecoin API,
But would like to look into it a bit more.

Could you give me an explicit example of the data you are trying to retrieve with the wallet address and data fields to collect?

Sure, so I’m trying to input my miner owner and worker addresses and I’d like to get back a list of transactions from each address along with FiL value for each transaction and the gas fee. Some transactions will be send/receive. Some will be burns.

I’m trying to audit my miner’s sealing process to calculate my actual cost of sealing sectors for a given period.

Please let me know if this answers your question! Thank you for your help!