Can you please suggest me on below scenario

I have developed mobile dapp which manages user crypto balance and he can send and receive the crypto token, it has only two operations,
Now my question is
User don’t want to download wallet app(to accept the transaction from my application)
User don’t want to pay gas fee for sending tokens from his account
My mobile app don’t want to connect to any wallet

Is there any other approach other than (creating our own ethereum wallet) in this scenario

Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance

Hi @A_Nani, great question!

Unfortunately, there is no other approach; the gas fees need to be paid for the transaction - token transfer - to go through.

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Hello @lovekosmas,

Thanks for your response!

In the same scenario, My customer don’t want pay gas fee while he is doing token transfer. As a admin, I want to pay behalf of him and Is there any better approach(Ethereum, Polygon or BSC)? (Is ITX is the solution?)