Cannot send toke

from last year,I have used very well, no problem.

but, recently I have some trouble send erc20 tokens, I tried to send erc20 token to one. but failed.

the Ethereum works good.

after transfer, infura response is “check receipt”.so i checked the receipt with txid.

but the response is null.

do not insufficient funds.

something, i miss ?

Thank you for joining our community site. Can you share the code you are using where you are seeing the issue?


the below is transaction.

{ blockHash: null,
blockNumber: null,
from: ‘0x7424734f08f724982CDf09A82Eb2CF951d9aEbd8’,
gas: 230000,
gasPrice: ‘10000000000’,
nonce: 4,
to: ‘0x7A939Bb714fd2A48EbeB1E495AA9aaa74BA9fA68’,
transactionIndex: null,
v: ‘0x1b’,
value: ‘0’ }

i think code is no problem, because I have a transaction.
but infura did not broadcast it.
thank you.

if smart contract do not verify contract code, infura do not broadcast transaction?

What is the RPC method you are using to send the transaction to Infura?


call transfer.

I have looked at the history against the destination smart contract for your txn.

I am seeing a lot of “Out of Gas” errors on transactions. Have you troubleshooting gas issues which would lead to a submitted transaction not being accepted on chain.