Complete guide on infura

not sure if is there available (in term of ‘complete guide’, i mean one stop site, rn i know there are tons of update and news but it’s not in one site, a new user gotta jump there and there from/to many source)

a friend of mine about to start integrating nft to this irl work (damn i hate ‘irl’ term tbh, crypto is just literally irl, but i gotta use it for ‘outside’ people to get the idea in general sense) though hes quite tech savvy but he aint a programmer/dev so yeah, i suggested him infura for data storage, kinda, he got nervous

so, i think there should be eli5 level explaination for what’s infura (would be even more good with visual graphics, u guys consensys lately focus on onboarding right, this will sure do a lot) and the most important one as i said above - infura complete guide, step by step, like this one i guess, for any thing that people will use infura for

as that linked provided, i think it could still be more clearer and easier to follow


Hi @Poligo ,

Thanks for the feedback!

Have you checked out for available resources? This also links to the docs and blog.

Your friend may find the following pieces helpful for the NFT API. :smiley: :


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