Compute units and rate limit values

Hi Team,
I am running a free tier account and in production, I am using Developer and both accounts during the deployment (happening randomly), I am not able to complete it, because of the network connectivity issues or sometimes I am getting rate limit exceeded.

I would like to know the following details from your end.

  1. Is there any options in my Infura to check the utilization of Compute units and Rate limits.
  2. Is there any whitelisting of IPs required on my Infura control panel

Thank you,
Ajeesh B

Hi @ajeeshb, and welcome to the Infura community!

  1. Your Infura dashboard will provide you with information on usage stats by method as well as total usage stats. Your rate limits are determined by the tier you have (for the free tier, it’s 100,000 requests/day; developer ($50/mo) is 200,000 requests/day).
  2. You have the option to whitelist, but it’s not required