"Connect Wallet" doesnt work / Metamask doesnt appear on my website

Hello. I really need your help. Who can help me I can reward him. Recently I ordered some NFTs and I also created the site. The problem is that it’s not hosted yet, but when I enter it, my MetaMask wallet doesn’t open and it doesn’t work when I click on “Connect Wallet”. I entered the console and it says like this: "Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘selectedAddress’)
at HTMLDivElement. (script.js: 1)
at script.js: 1 "
Who can help me I will be grateful, you can also give me a message to show you on the screen what the script is like and others.
I want to mention that I didn’t configure anything with Infura and I don’t even know, I just created a project that I don’t know what it does. please help me.

Welcome, @onioxstore ! This seems an issue not related to Infura. For your MetaMask issue, I would suggest you check their docs.


I want someone to help me. With team i screen monitor in team viewer or i send script.js because someone told is just script.js problem