Connection Timing out from Truffle

I was able to migrate at least once to Ropsten. But after the first time and attempting to go to my truffle console, I get a time out error. I tried to change to Rinkeby but the same timeout error. I also want to make sure that the API Key is the same as “Project Secret”. Below is my truffle.js config. I’ve tried both
link to rinkeby and ropsten. Thanks in advance for the help.
infura: {
provider: function() {
return new HDWalletProvider(mnemonic,“”,"");
network_id: 3,
gas: 4698712,
gasPrice: 10000000000

Hi @jaypersanchez
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Try adding this to infura.js
mocha: {
enableTimeouts: false
Check this link out

And Please refer to answer by @wuehler for project secret and API key
Sorry for wrong answer on this

Hi @tahadhailey thank you for that response and insights into configuring Truffle with Infura. I did want to clarify on what Project Secret is. The Project Secret is an optional additional item that can be used when interacting with your Infura endpoint but is not required. When you think of “API key”, that is what we call “Project ID”. This is described further in our docs:

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