ConsenSys Data Retention Update - December 6, 2022

At Infura, we understand that our community’s privacy, security, and transparency are of the utmost importance. We don’t take that commitment lightly.

An important update on our data retention policy.

We are dedicated to being open with our users, which is why we updated our Privacy Policy recently. Some members of our community wanted more clarity on how we retain IP address information. We’d like to clarify how we handle user data & share plans for further improvements.

Infura has never correlated IP and account addresses for read functions, for example, when an app sends a request to Infura to check account balances.

While Infura has limited the storage of IP and account information to places where it was deemed necessary, we do not use the data outside of protecting users from DDoS attacks and to support load balancing.

We have never and will never sell any user data we collect. We use data strictly in adherence with the use limitations described in our privacy policy.

Infura is a data infrastructure product with privacy at the core of its values. We have also committed publicly to decentralizing. For more information, see here: