Correct way to pin a directory via IPFS API

Hi, I have a question regarding how pinning works with regard to directories. I’m using the object_put endpoint to create a directory (DAG node), connected to some previously uploaded files.

My question is: Does setting the pin option to true on the object_put request mean the connected files will also be pinned? Or does this apply only to the new object?


hi @pichiste, as far as I know it only pins the new object, this looks to be also stated in the ipfs api spec Command-line reference | IPFS Docs

Thanks for the reply @traian.vila. What would be the correct way then to pin that directory and everything it contains? Would a single call to pin_add with the hash of the newly created “directory” object do the trick? Or does each thing inside the directory need to be pinned individually?

According to this, it should default to “recursive” and therefore pin everything connected to it?