Credit card verification failed

I can’t add my card to activate trial, I tried 3 different cards from my bank and still same problem.

EDIT: It’s working now.

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I’m having the same problem

@kutwa, thank you for letting us know that it works now!

@brandasilva9 do you still encounter that same issue?
This should be fixed by now, please let me know if you need further assistance!

Im having this issue.

@moizghumann if you still encountering this issue, would you be able to open a support ticket with us?
Please include a screenshot of the error you are getting!

Thank you!

how did you solve that? could you share it with us?

I’m trying to add my card into Add a Card on File to Subscribe. it shows me credit card validation failed.
my card has been created recently. but why it shows me I don’t know.

Hi :wave: @robi and welcome to the Infura community!
I saw that you have opened a ticket with us and Chris has started a conversation with you in order to resolve the issue.

Hy, please how did you soove the issue? Please anyone with solution to this should help me out. I have triel almost 10 different cards but still same error “CARD VERIFICATION FAILED”. I have been trying this for more than 3 months now. Thanks in advance.

Hi there @Hadiza_Mijinyawa , just a couple of questions. In which country is your card issued? Is it enabled for international transactions?

Can you maybe check with your bank as well? as we have had other customers with this issue and after checking with their banks the issue was that their cards were restricted from international online transactions, due to the fact that their accounts were local currency ones, and were advised to get a domiciliary account card in order to enjoy international online services.