Credit card verification failed

I can’t add my card to activate trial, I tried 3 different cards from my bank and still same problem.

EDIT: It’s working now.

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I’m having the same problem

@kutwa, thank you for letting us know that it works now!

@brandasilva9 do you still encounter that same issue?
This should be fixed by now, please let me know if you need further assistance!

Im having this issue.

@moizghumann if you still encountering this issue, would you be able to open a support ticket with us?
Please include a screenshot of the error you are getting!

Thank you!

how did you solve that? could you share it with us?

I’m trying to add my card into Add a Card on File to Subscribe. it shows me credit card validation failed.
my card has been created recently. but why it shows me I don’t know.

Hi :wave: @robi and welcome to the Infura community!
I saw that you have opened a ticket with us and Chris has started a conversation with you in order to resolve the issue.