Delay of almost 1-2 seconds per new block with newBlockheaders subscription?


I’m doing some tests using the core (free) Infura API, and I’ve observed that when I subscribe to receive every new block (via newBlockHeaders subscription) there is a delay of almos 1 or 2 seconds compared to some other providers (I’ve been comparing it versus the information provided in this dashboard: where they announce a new block 1 or 2 seconds before it arrives at my subscription).

Is this because I’m using the free version?


Hi @leon.berrosa - this may have something to do with how far you are located from our servers. Where are you currently located?

Hi Leiya,

I’m located in The Netherlands currently. Do you have 1 unique server? If not, is there a way to specify a connection to a closer one? Thanks

Which other providers are you comparing? There may be some inherent latency from the Netherlands, depending on where the other providers’ infrastructure is located.

However, comparing our API to EthStats is comparing our API to a local node’s propagation speed. That will likely be faster most of the time since it’s a direct feed from the Eth node.
Our API will be slightly slower, but with block times of 7-15 seconds, it shouldn’t affect your app. In addition, our reliability will, of course, be better than a single node.