Developer Documentation?

Does Infura have plans to update any of their developer resources in 2023? Really think you guys are missing some opportunities. Feel like I’m on such an island trying to figure things out on the fly and most of the resources and info available is dated or blatantly wrong, and i’m talking across the industry. Not just Infura. So maddening when you’re fairly new to blockchain development like myself. Surely I can’t be the only one who builds something and just hope it sticks together like it was put together with scotch tape lol.


Hi @blueflymedia ,

The Infura docs are updated: Ethereum - Infura Docs

For more a more detailed search, check out the Infura Knowledge Base here:

This allows you to search for common issues, and see documentation relating to what you are building.

Let us know where you are stuck or details of what you would like to see more of. We welcome the requests and feedback.

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