Discord invitation?

Hi, I am trying to join Discord group but the invitation is not working. Can somebody provide invite link?

Hi @nickgreen , there’s an invite link at the bottom of https://consensys.net/

Let know if you have problems joining through that.

Thank you but I already tried it and it is not working. The invitation link is valid but once I click the Accept invite button it says “Unable to accept invite”. I also asked my friends to try it and nobody could join, so it must be some problem on your side. Maybe you reached the members number limit?

same here - just tried it again after last week…not working, same error while other invite links work

Hi all, sorry, we had a bunch of spammers joining yesterday and we had to pause the invites. We’ll keep you informed here or on Discord. It’s best to try again in a day or so.


we’ve re-enabled discord invites.

Warm regards,
Chris | Infura | ConsenSys

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