Do you need an Infura account to use Infura IPFS?

I’m following this tutorial, and it shows that you can upload a file like so:

/* import the ipfs-http-client library */
import { create } from 'ipfs-http-client';

/* Create an instance of the client */
const client = ipfsHttpClient('')

/* upload the file */
const added = await client.add(file)

/* or a string */
const added = await client.add('hello world')

This works, so I’m confused why Infura’s docs ( say this:

To manage your IPFS data, you need to register your account and set up your project.

Are there some limitations to using the Infura IPFS API without an account? E.g. do the uploaded files eventually get deleted or something?

Hi @pencilflip, and welcome to the Infura community!

You can add files to IPFS without an account, but you won’t be able to see any of the data associated with it, and you may not be able to access certain functions (i.e. pin_ls and pin_rm) without an account.

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Hi @Leiya_Kenney , I’ve just signed for Beta IPFS, can you share what prices would be to pin data on Infura and also, the 6 months limit to “use it or lost it” I read about won’t apply to paying customers right?

Hi @rovicher, and welcome to the Infura community! You can get specific pricing info on our pricing page. If you’ve signed up for a Core plan, that remains free. Our Plus plan has unlimited storage at $0.08/GB and unlimited data transfer at $0.12/GB.