Does ERC_20 tokens need individual chain OR single ETH chain is enough?

I have query that -Can we use ETH node chain for ERC_20 tokens as the address generation process is same in both ETH and ERC_20 tokens . The difference is only of contract address which the ERC_20 token uses for balance checking and transactions.
Will there be any effect if we use same ETH chain for tokens ?

Thank you

Hi @Mobiloitte1 apologies I don’t quite follow your question. Are you asking if you can deploy your own ERC20 token on Ethereum using Infura?

Yes if setup my own Ethereum node then in that case do i need to do seperate node setup for all other tokens ?

Creating an ERC20 token would be done through a smart contract deployment which is different than creating a new address/wallet on a local node. Are you trying to create a new ERC20 token?