Does Infura support eth_createAccessList JSON RPC call?


Just wondering if Infura does already or is planning to support the JSON RPC method call “eth_createAccessList” for building access lists which were included in berlin last week?

I didnt see anything in the docs about it yet thats all.


Hi @jamesmorgan - we don’t currently support eth_createAccessList, but we’ll be sure to update if that changes!


@Leiya_Kenney two months passed, when will Infura support eth_createAccessList JSON RPC call?

Hi @Vie, and welcome to the Infura community! We don’t currently have plans to support this in the near future, but again, we’ll be sure to update if that changes.

Thanks for the update.

Its a real shame that this isn’t going to supported by Infura, what is the rationale behind not supporting it now its a mainnet feature?

It just seems like a odd thing to not support in all honesty espcially whilst other providers are starting to support it.

Hi @jamesmorgan,

We are working to figure out a way to support it, but want to make sure that when we do provide access, it will work properly for our users. Again, we will definitely update the community when we support eth_createAccessList, but right now we do not.

Thanks for the update, looking forward to seeing it live in the future.

So sad to hear that but thanks anyway.

Any update on this?