estimateGas error

Hi Infura. I am trying to estimate the gas for a swap using my Infura api key, Uniswap and Sushiswap. When I call the uniswap contract with estimateGas.swap(token1, token2, mycontractAddress, ethers.utils.toUTFbytes) I get an error saying unpredictable gas transaction may fail or must set manual gas limit. error reason processing response error. Code: unpredictable gas limit. Is it maybe because I call my contract address as well?

Kind regards

hi @functAwesome can you show us the relevant code snippet and the contract address you’re interacting with ?


Thank you for the quick reply Traian here is the function I am using to call:
Here is the address of my contract I am using: 0x59C2683DF8aB3Ab178A2b0850f1B35611B159898

Here is also the exact error:


hi guys, would you mind pasting the exact call so I could copy the data and try to repro, thanks !