eth_estimateGas Error when Balance < Amount to Send

When I try to estimate the ethereum gas limit (in Mainnet & Ropsten) for a transaction where

My Account Balance < Amount to send

I get the following error.

      "message":"err: insufficient funds for transfer: address 0x42d1017BFD1E76F63ed514eafc1C2dbEEBe3cFFc (supplied gas 4010499)"

This wasn’t the case previously. Is this due to a recent update?
Can you please share a way to turn this error off in Project Settings?
i.e Is there a way to always get the gas limit even if:
My Account Balance < Amount to send

Note: In Kovan test network eth_estimateGas does not generate this error even if
My Account Balance < Amount to send


Hey @sahashuvo - you do need to have enough gas in your account to send your transaction on Mainnet or Ropsten. If you need additional gas for the testnets (Ropsten, etc.), you can use a Ropsten faucet to get test eth, and that should get rid of this error message for you.

Hi Leiya. If using flashloan, the balance needs not to be equal amount.