eth_gasPrice returns 0

When we test our application on ropsten, sometimes the transaction will fail with “transaction underpriced” which were caused by eth_gasPrice returned 0.

Here is a manually test results via curl:

> curl -X POST --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_gasPrice","params":[],"id":9}' "<PROJECT-ID>"

Never had this issue till today and it happened perioridly for a while and back to normal again, then happened again.

Some timestamps of occourances (in UTC):

  • around 03:39
  • 07:31 until 07:45
  • 09:14 until 09:23

Is this an expected behaviour that could happen constantly? Or is there anything wrong with the ropsten network?


I’ve started up a script to try to reproduce this and so far haven’t seen the issue you have reported. It certainly wouldn’t be the expected behaviour to return a gas price of 0. It is true though that on the test networks there is unexpected behavior from time to time that may or may not manifest on mainnet, specifically along the lines of gas prices as there aren’t many miners securing those test networks. I haven’t hear of any issues with Ropsten outside of normal thus far but will report back here if we do.

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