eth_gasPrice returns very low value


It started quite recently that sometimes eth_gasPrice returns a very low values sometimes when the actual gas price is much higher. One example is it returned 10 gwei for one call and short after it returned 76 gwei causing the tx with 10 gwei gas price getting stuck or not even broadcasted causing needing to resend it.

This has caused some issues for us when there is lot of activity and suddenly one tx get stuck because of this.

The low values we have observed that should not be so low is either 10 gwei or 6 gwei.

We are using if that is of any help

Hi @Sh1ro, and welcome to the Infura community! I totally understand the frustration that must have caused. Unfortunately, eth_gasPrice is coming from the Ethereum API itself, and isn’t something we have control over.

How frequently are you seeing this issue come up?

It dosen’t happen so often maybe once per week or so. Our most recent happend today during a fee spike when the gas prices was around 200 gwei, we got a gas price of 10 gwei when calling the eth_gasPrice method. The tx hash of that transaction is 0x0a32a333e97793e3ee19115360ea4af86da52c4753e216513e955d233607bc49 however that tx won’t show up in any explorer for unknown reasons which is also an issue we have observed that sometimes a tx won’t show in the mempool and every tx after it won’t either show up until all txs is resent.