eth.getBlock fails due to exceeding frame size

When I attempt to do eth.getBlock, it frequently results in an error:
‘Frame size of XXXXXXX bytes exceeds maximum accepted frame size’

This does not happen for every block, but will occur regularly enough that I am unable to perform my necessary functions.

This has happened a few times in before the eth network upgrade but now is happening multiple times a day.

Hi @ByteDelta,

It looks like this issue may come up when something is called many times in parallel (i.e. fetching several thousand events and then calling eth.getBlock for each transaction cited by the events) - is that the same situation you’re experiencing?

Hi Leiya,

This is not what is occurring here. I am attempting to do eth.getBlock one block at a time. However certain blocks result in this error and it seems to be block number specific. I can bypass the error by skipping that block until the next one that encounters this error.

Okay, thank you for the additional context. How are you retrieving the block within your code? You may be able to try either eth_getBlockByHash or eth_getBlockByNumber if you’re consistently using either the hash or the number to retrieve it.