eth_getFilterLogs not working

I am sending the following query to Infura
{“jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “method”: “eth_getFilterLogs”, “params”: [“0x156df9de6335f9dabdf3841e61b419c2”], “id”: 2}

And while it has been working for more than a year I suddently started receiving:
{‘code’: -32603, ‘message’: ‘this method is currently unavailable, please use eth_getLogs instead’}

Is eth_getFilterLogs getting deprecated?

I am having the same issue using web3 for multiple functions including getBlock and calling contracts.

The error is the same: “This method is currently unavailable, please use eth_getLogs instead”

Seems like this is a problem with Infura.

It does seem so.
I wonder how we can get the attention of a staff member to elaborate on how long this would go on for.

As mentioned on our status page, we’ve seen a degradation of performance of this method recently; since it was affecting the stability of our websocket subsystem we’ve had to temporarily disable the eth_getFilterLogs method while we develop a workaround.

You can subscribe to issue updates on our status page ( for the latest news.

How long do you think resolving this would take?
Are we talking hours or weeks?

Unfortunately, it’s not looking like it’ll be fixed within hours. We’re currently working on it and will keep you updated as we have more information to share.

Hi Leiya,

Do you have any additional information on timing? At least a rough estimate to help get a sense of how to proceed? As a developer that is relying heavily on web3 through Infura this error is resulting in major disruptions to the service I provide. It would be extremely helpful to give a sense of time for resolution so I can decide if I need to start building workarounds or whether I should just wait. Thanks!

Sorry for the disruption @atfwins and @inf . We’re working on a fix which is currently being tested by our engineering team. We will be rolling out the fix early next week.

Hi @egalano,

Any chance you have an update on timing for when the fix will be released? Thank you.

Hi @atfwins - we’re working on deploying the fix as we speak, so should be functional today.

Hi @atfwins and @inf - we are up and running and you should be able to use the eth_getFilterLogs again. Thanks so much for your patience while we fixed this!