eth_getFilterLogs request failed or timed out


I’ve been using infura as my RPC provider for over a year now. In that time, the only errors I would ever see would be a result of user error. However, for the past month now I’ve been continuously getting the following error:

ValueError: {'code': -32603, 'message': 'request failed or timed out'}

The issue seems to happen at random throughout the day. I know it’s a bug on the RPC side of things because I’ve swapped out the URL for another RPC provider to test and I’ve not had it happen once.


I have a python application that runs scheduled tasks every ~30 seconds. This task looks at logs using the python web3 function get_filter_logs. It only looks at logs from the last 30 seconds, so 2 to 3 blocks at a time. This error started occurring around April 12 2023.

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hey, can you please open a ticket and let us know the network, key you were using and ideally an exact reques and timestamp of one of these timeouts, thanks !

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Hey just submitted one. Thank you!

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