eth_sendRawTransaction problem

Hello! I tried to use the method eth_sendRawTransaction twice. I create TxHash, send a request for Infura with a method, get a successful reply with the number of the created transaction (for example 0xbb35f1fdb644f5c4848afff614e0876e381cdc5fcb2acf336e13eed59400e215
), but the transaction is not created and the money from the wallet balance is not charged …
Before that, I tried to use the TxHash In and the transaction was formed normally.

Have you tried using eth_estimateGas to make sure you’re sending the txn with enough gas?

Could not generate request “eth_estimateGas”, I get error “invalid json request”. I would be grateful for the example code for the formation of “eth_estimateGas” or a link to the online service.
P.S. It seems that the transaction in
also does not work, although before everything was done.

You can see example code for the estimateGas method here,

and the sendRawTransaction here,

Let me know if this helps