eth_sendRawTransaction zero hash

Hi. I’m using the eth_sendRawTransaction API to post a signed transaction from my wallet app to the ropsten test network. I use eth_getTransactionCount(pending) to determine the nonce and eth_gasPrice to get a gas price estimate. The issue I’m encountering is that I sometimes get a zero hash back from the eth_sendRawTransaction API call (example json response from infura: { “id”:1, “jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “result”: “” }). The docs at are not clear on what one is supposed to do when they get a zero hash back. Does a zero hash mean that the transaction was rejected for some reason? Thanks for your insight. Cheers!

Hi @bernerdad - welcome to the Infura community! If you’re able to use geth, that may fix the issue. Otherwise, can you please send over the code snippet you’re using when you get the blank result? That’ll help us debug better :slight_smile: