ETH2 API Timeout / missing attestations


I’m running an ETH2 validator that is leveraging the Infura ETH2 Beacon API in lieu of running my own beacon node. Recently however (in the past week), I keep having missed attestations occur periodically.

I’ve had this occur in cases where my lighthouse validator process claims to have published an attestation (in this case is the beacon API not properly propagating my attestation?), as well as cases where my validator says the request to the beacon node times out.

I was wondering if anyone had insight to this issue, if it’s something I can mitigate locally or if the ops people at Infura are already investigating.

Hi @sina, and welcome to the Infura community! This is a known issue, but we don’t have a timeline for a fix yet. We are working on finding a solution though!

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Thanks for the response Leiya! Glad to hear it’s being looked into.

Is there a place I can track the progress on this?

Not currently, but we will be sure to give an update on this post once we’ve implemented a fix!