Ethereum maximum concurrent api

What is the max maximum number of concurrency supported, such as Ethereum API eth_getBalance?

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Hi thanks for posting your question, it would be great to understand your use case and the amount of concurrency you require.

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@mike such as the api : Ethereum API eth_getBalance , i wanna know what is the maximum number of concurrency supported. thanks

Hi @parker we have not set a specific concurrency limit because we are working on a major update to our architecture and our current architecture has had no issues supporting our users needs. In general someone should only have to poll eth_getBalance once per block for a given address. With block times being in the 10-15 second range at this time, you can decide what polling interval makes sense for your dapp. If your dapp needs to do some initial indexing of data, a best practice would be to set concurrency to something like 10-20 requests per second which is enough for typical indexing implementations.