Failed transaction

Hi there… i have a problem. I was using my wallet today with every transaction failing, after i checked my transactions on etherscan i noticed 4 days ago was a transaction sent to me (I’m sure it wasn’t me) but its still pending. Now this is where things are getting bad. Cancelling or Speeding up is also failing. I don’t know what to do as i still have some funds in the wallet.

The error shows

Failed transaction
Transaction 4 failed! [ethjs-equery]
while formatting outputs from RPC
{“code”:-32000,“message”:"nonce too l

is there anyone that can help please i need assistance.

I’ve even reset MM and tried to send a transaction to myself with a custom nonce to no avail.

hi @Gee you’ll probably get a better help from Metamask support but if you send me that tx hash I can have a look too.