Filter events for Polygon Error

Hello, I moved from Eth to Polygon, but the working code now gives me an error:

ValueError: {'code': -32004, 'message': 'filter requests not supported'}

The code (python):

from web3 import Web3

w3 = Web3(Web3.HTTPProvider(UNFURA_HOST))
event_filter = w3.eth.filter({'fromBlock':from_block, 'address':contract_address})

Am I doing it wrong? I want to get events from the contract

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Any feedback on this question?
It seems that currently filter methods are not supported for RPC over HTTPS for Polygon?

Is there any chance to get to events atm? Feels kinda useless, websockets do not work as well.

Hey all, the filters are not supported yet on Polygon but it is something we plan to release in the near future, no exact ETA yet. For the time being Ethereum | Infura Documentation should be something of use.