First contact with this forum


I’m new to Infura and to Ethereum so please be patient with me for asking what I am certain will be dumb questions. This first question is really to ask “Am I doing this right” and “Will anyone respond”. My initial set of questions will follow confirmation that someone is on the other end of this conversation. My actual questions will initially be related to big picture issues I have in relation to the differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum, and to find out what special considerations are needed when accessing Ethereum through Infura?

Looking forward to making contact.


Yes, someone is here to respond to Infura specific questions. I likely will refrain from commenting on higher level topics such as the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As mentioned I’m just beginning with Ethereum so It’s hard not to approach without coming from the perspective of the Bitcoin way. It’s probably worth mentioning that we are Java based and are trying to use web3j to access Infura.

We are developing an Exchange like service, where users are anonymously moving ETHER in and out of our system in arbitrary amounts. When depositing Bitcoin, we allocate an individual address per deposit and we assumed it would be the same for Ethereum. I assume there is no other practical way of doing this.

My understanding of Ethereum is that we can only send funds from a single account/address. If true it suggests that we must gather together the balances from the deposit accounts in order to have sufficient funds to use when paying out. This is work that is not needed for Bitcoin, which will automatically select multiple input addresses for a given output value.

The consolidation process will also cause additional ETHER fees – which is undesirable.

So my question is, are my assumptions correct and if so is there a better way to manage deposits and withdrawals?