Frontend Real Time Rate Limits

Hey folks,
Getting blocked by hopefully a silly problem

If frontend users make 1 request every 10 seconds, this is 8640 requests per day. 1000 users (which is nothing) and this is already >8M requests per day, which is more than the top “Growth” plan of Infura. How can this be? How is this supposed to be handled for thousands or millions of users?

I am using a shared API key for my frontend users and reached the free limit of 100k requests/day in less than one hour due to this problem. I feel I am missing some good practice.

How is this problem supposed to be solved? I feel I am orders of magnitude away from the answer.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hey, the only way I can think of would be to try to optimise as much as possible the direct requests to the blockchain (especially the read requests), eg. does every user need to hit the chain for every action or you could have some caching layer / local db and have your backend pull / sync data when needed ?

Thanks! Will try to minimise requests + caching + move some common requests to backend. Thanks

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