Gateway url structure


I’m currently using the infura gateway with CID V1 url as follow:

I believe it is the recommended way but i’m also considering using 3rd party services like imgix to serve optimized images and they recomment a standard structure like:

I see that this structure redirect to the other one, will this redirection remain or is just temporary and such url wont work in future?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Christophe_Verdot - very cool image!
The redirection will remain for the time being. We are currently in the process of revamping our IPFS offering, though, and if you want to continue accessing the image, there will be a couple extra steps to update your pinned image so it stays accessible, but we’ll be sure to put out an announcement when that launches and also when we plan to deprecate the old IPFS service.

Thank you for the answer. I will just keep using the CID V1/ subdomain url structure to be safe.

Does it mean after the update is out we will have to pin all previously pinned files again 1 by 1?

Any ETA for ipfs premium?

Yes, but we will have a tool to make that easier for everyone :slight_smile:
And no specific date, but very soon!

Ok because i have thousands of files pinned but as long as there is an easy process and enough time to make the transition, should be good :slight_smile:

Don’t worry - we know lots of our users have tons of files currently pinned, so we’ve made a tool that will make the transition as easy as possible on you!

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