Get image back from public sever

How can I access or get my images from the public server like below

Hi vever,

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Please note that the public gateway has been depreciated as of August 10th.

You can learn more about the changes that have been made here:

From now on, to access files, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a Dedicated Getaway in your Infura IPFS project settings and enable it.
    Dedicated gateways - Infura Docs
  2. The API endpoint didn’t change, it’s still, but now you are required to authenticate requests, so make sure that when you upload/pin your content, you use your PROJECT ID and PROJECT SECRET to authenticate requests.
  3. To access your files, please use your Dedicated Getaway.
    4.For example:*
    Public getaway (is not accessible): getaway (accessible):
  4. If you are supplying your customers with a certain URL to access files, please provide them with the new URL that contains https://<YOUR_DEDICATED _GETAWAY>/ipfs/CID

Please note that you must use for API requests. Dedicated Gateway UTL is only for viewing content. Make requests - Infura Docs

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Chris | Infura | ConsenSys