Get transactions and balances of N address


What is the best way to get transactions (tx and amount) from N (a lot) of accounts/address (tokens and ether)?

  • Loop for block?
  • Websocket?
  • Both?


There are many ways to do this with Infura depending on your use case. Can you elaborate on what you are trying to do? Are you only trying to get the latest transactions as they are committed to blocks or historical transactions, etc.

Hi Mike

I’m creating my second exchange, the first one is only Bitcoin. This new one is prepared to have thousand of cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum and Infura is very important key for this project. So, first I need to get lastest transactions as they are commited (transactions and amount of X address). But, it is important to get historical too, in case of the first one stop works for some time.


Thanks for the detail, as I said there are many ways to do this. Grabbing historical will be much more challenging but this is more specific to generally interacting with Ethereum data which you might find more help in the Ethereum Stack