Geth 1.9.10, syncmode light, eth_getTransactionReceipt returns null

Geth 1.9.10
syncmode light

eth_getTransactionReceipt returns null for the transaction, but for the same transaction, eth_getTransactionByHash returns data.

Can you help me with this problem?

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Welcome to our community @CryptoDEv, glad to have you here.

Are you referring to your own instance of Geth that you are running in light client mode?

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geth -rpc --rpcapi “eth,net,web3,personal” --rpcaddr “” --rpcport=35458 --syncmode “light” --cache 1024 -datadir=/home/crypto/data/nodes/geth/main --etherbase 0x0*************

Can you post or DM the txn you are trying to lookup so I can do some testing on my side?

A transaction receipt is generated after the transaction had been processed. It contains things like the amount of gas used or the contract address which are calculated during processing. When you submit a transaction it takes some time before the transaction is processed and the receipt is generated. Until then null is returned as an indication that there is currently no receipt found for the given hash and is a valid result when a receipt is not (yet) available.

Since you are on a private network make sure you are mining and the transaction enters and leaves the transaction pool. If you restart the node before the transaction is processed it’s lost. If you are not make sure you are connected to the network and have some peers.

I want to get in geth lite version the eth_getTransactionReceipt data for this transaction: 0x7e1b1669bbf301057039eeac79d09bbf14319d386978372bcd7dc7177a4625ea

I have a null value with eth_getTransactionReceipt.
eth_getTransactionByHash returns transaction data.
See the picture:

On fast geth, eth_getTransactionReceipt runs for this transaction.

I’ve found this reported to the geth client team, it seems this is an issue with geth that has resurfaced from a prior issue.

Ok, thank you very much.