Getting all tokens and balances for an EC20 wallet in one shot

My startup was looking for a way for users to import all their tokens/balances from an individual wallet address. We are currently using https not websockets. At first I tried Infura but from what I could tell it was going to take a ton of calls / scanning token contracts etc. to get all the information collected. I couldn’t find a “one stop shopping” endpoint for all information about a wallet.

Then I discovered that allows a simple http GET that brings back all token info, balances, prices in one call although the rate limit for the free version won’t scale for us and so it’s a stopgap thing just to get a working MVP. They don’t currently offer a subscription for a higher rate limit, I guess because they’re new.

Does Infura have a similar one-shot call for the aforementioned information? If not can you direct me to a project that issues a series of calls to Infura to effect something similar?

We’re working on implementing this functionality via our GraphQL API project EthQL but for now take a look at which might suit your use case.

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