Getting Started with IPFS gateway?

I am looking to move from the public IPFS gateway run by Protocol Labs in the future as they advise there gateway is to support develoeprs and not to support a released app. So I have started looking for alternatives, one would be to set up a VPS as a gateway myself however I see this appears to be something you offer. However I couldn’t see how you set up your own an IPFS project/gateway in the dashboard to generate the gateway URL ? I had a look at your docs but I couldn’t see how I do this and assume I don’t just use ? My project already works with the code using ipfs-js so I am literally looking for a public gateway that can manage more responses than the Protocol Labs gateway. Thanks

H @adamprocter, and welcome to the Infura community! Check out our blog posts on IPFS here and here; they should help you get started.