Having trouble calling ipfs API

Hi guys, could you please help me out here?

I try to call below API
but I keep getting connection time out or the “invalid project Id or project secret”

pretty sure the username I input is the correct projectId and the password is the project secret. Am I doing it the wrong way?

I also tried another way to add a key-value in header (“authorization”, “Basic OGNiZmUzMTM1Y********NTliYmMxNTI1N2EyZjY0MDU=”)
but still failed with connetion time out.

also, I got the error below when trying to call:

/api/v0/object has been removed, use /api/v0/dag instead

But the website still shows old api url…

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Welcome and thanks for reaching out! if you are using Postman, try changing your “type” of authorization to API, add your project secret inside the value field.

Yes, we apologize about the outdated documentation. Use /dag instead. When calling try it this way:

kind regards,
Alex | Infura Support | Consensys

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